What’s Up, Mr. Dylan? part deux…

When you contacted me on Twitter just prior to my birthday last year, even spending more than a day trying to get my personal cel phone number, I had no idea of what use that could possibly be.

Since then, events have unveiled an incredible possibility of personal invasion of an extremely distressing nature.

So, I thought I would ask…

From your lyrics I am starting to wonder if you are teasing and at times bragging about overseeing what amounts to a personal concentration camp? A pogram, in effect? “Anne Frank and Indiana Jones” “They shaved her head”?

Where someone is caused to ingest toxic substances of one sort or another without their knowledge or consent? “You got a poisoned brain”?

Obtaining inside information from family members, including access to this person’s intellectual property? “Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune”? “She ain’t no angel and neither am I”?

In order to target them? “I’m here to bring vengeance on somebody’s head”?

Has this ‘inside information’ been put into lyrics in “key” songs for an ‘army’ of superfans to do the same? “The skeleton keys and the rain?” “He examines the nightingale code”?

Has this been devised in such a way as to attempt circumvent the law? “To where the arm of the law cannot reach”?

Shall we call this the Pursuit of the Nightingale?

In fact, I started a blog Le Chant du Rossignol at the start of the Minnesota Orchestra lockout in 2012…

Just wondering…

Feel free to contact me as you did before…


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