A quick update to the Bob Dylan connection…

I will be posting in more detail soon. I just want to mention the top points. Since I first started my Dylagence blog, I have been attempting to determine what this multitude of odd coincidences between Bob Dylan and his family and me and my family represent. There has seemed to be some sort of a connection, but it has been very much a mystery, to say the least.

But I can say with some insight today that the connection may not be what it may seem to be. Instead, it may an esoteric connection in the Mozart vortex. Ironically, this connection may have been artificially created out of information Dylan may have obtained about me from my birth family and perhaps even others I have known. I think this may consist of tracking information, as to my whereabouts, as well as personal information, including at least one pilfered manuscript of a piece of my intellectual property called “Titan”…

In irony, the early drafts of “Titan” were typed on a Corona typewriter.

Why would anyone go to such an extreme, we might ask?

How about the usual attractions — money and power? How about the Mozart g’zillions?

After the assassination of Wolfgang Mozart, which was kept secret and passed down, possibly through fellow Masons, the vortex his extraordinary gift created — the Zauberflote — was up for grabs, or so they thought. People were fighting over it, trying to insert themselves into the vortex in order to control it to their own ends.

I think some well-known people may have done this. More on that later.

Most importantly, this is what I think Bob Dylan may have done — used ‘inside information’ to attempt to insert himself into the Mozart vortex. If this is the case, it most likely involves the use of the occult in some way. Hints to what is going on may be given in Dylan’s songs, but mostly in his “Key” songs. (More about that later. The “Key” songs are those which have the word “key” in them, or a reference to a ‘key’…)

At this point, we seem to be mono a mano in the vortex.

He seems to think this is Armageddon…”Black horse tavern on Armageddon Street” as he says in MOVOY…

I think this is Minnegeddon…where the truth of what really happened to Wolfgang Mozart is revealed…

time will tell…


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