Masked and Anonymous…and waiting for…?

Here we all are, masked and anonymous…and waiting for…well, we’re not sure.  An explanation? How about some answers?

What’s really going on behind those steely blue eyes of yours?

Have you by any chance released Murder Most Foul to tease us about another “murder most foul’ for which the assassins will also get off scott-free? Or are all your Masonic references just an odd series of coincidences?

Is your reference to ‘Wolf-man Jack’ speaking in tongues just about JFK or also about a Mason who died suddenly and mysteriously…Wolf-gang Mozart?

Does False Prophet dangle the possibility of an actual “Holy Grail” that you think you have access to, or is that just another oblique reference? How about tapping into the g’zillions in the Mozart vortex?  

How about the ‘nightingale code’ you tease about in Visions of Johanna?  Changing of the Guards?  Jokerman? Have you been on some kind of a nightingale search?

In the meantime, I just spent some time watching your movie Masked and Anonymous.  I did not know what to expect.  I had been, shall we say, less than impressed with your Hearts of Fire performance — though I do have to admit, in hindsight, it really didn’t give you a chance to show off your strengths.  Masked and Anonymous, however, does.  Jack Fate is a perfect foil for you.  I have never seen a sadder face. Your character was Chaplinesque. Droll to an extreme.  The entire wild storyline, which, when your film first came out seemed outrageously unrealistic, now fits comfortably into our daily lives.  We don’t know what to expect.  Shock and surprise come at every turn.  Your movie makes a nice antidote to the chaos of our current reality.  You may have been just a bit ahead of yourself yet again…

But I do think that also this is a time of unveiling…

It may be that that which has been concealed is now being  revealed…

So we all sit and wait…

So far you’ve given us two hours of Whiskey and have sold your catalogue, and now Retrospectum in Miami…a good start…but still…we all want more…

In the meantime, here’s my cover of your lovely song, I Believe in You…

And for anyone who wishes to dig into the utter hilarity of Masked and Anonymous, here is the script:

Update 5.15.21

As we take off our masks and can be seen laughing again, I have to say that your Masked and Anonymous remains one of the stalwart columns of my sanity and somewhat-serenity. Without realizing it, you helped us make sense of the senseless and find humour in spite of terrible tragedy…

Thank you…

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