Another Murder Most Foul?

With all the Masonic references in this song, it is difficult not to think there is a bit more to it even than what we might think, which is that the assassination of JFK was the result of a conspiracy (that changed the course of the country forever).  Is there enough Masonic imagery here for us to wonder if the narrator is telling us just who got away with it?

And is it possible that a Masonic connection to the assassination of JFK may not the only assassination being referenced? Is there some sort of inside joke for Masons that the rest of us are not supposed to guess? Is Dylan attempting to also brag about a secret that has been closely-guarded for almost 300 years? If so, could this be backfiring?

BTW, JFK and Wolfgang Mozart were both Catholics…

Mozart was a Mason.

This article gives some definition to the opera The Magic Flute…

Mozart’s The Magic Flute: A Masonic Opera


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