On the road again…

Update June 19, 2022

Bob’s west coast leg is creating a lot of chaos in the vortex. In fact, the energies are loud and at times feel almost overwhelming. That’s what I think RARW is intended to do — create as much sludge as possible in order to attempt to control or defeat the Zauberflote. This is just my opinion, but I am entitled. I have been the steward of the Zauberflote since I was born. So, you don’t have to listen to what I say, but then, you might miss out on something if you don’t.

Because of the intensity of these waves of energy, it feels like Bob is on the warpath. I guess that should come as no surprise, as that is how has felt all the way back to 1965 when I heard LARS for the first time and tuned him out for years as a result. I think I may have been a target of that song…the first time I realized that was a possibility. It seemed like he was mocking my getting tossed out onto the streets of NYC by my birth family the year before. Little did I know back then that he might even have had a hand in that.

So now I look at the T-shirt in this photo and have to wonder if Bob is trying to send some sort of message. And then I got to wondering if my video Out of Night and Fog, which includes my black horse, Miles, was a catalyst for the development of RARW.

When Dylan contacted me on Twitter I sent him a link to the video. He did not seem in the least surprised. I have to wonder if he already knew about it..

May 29, 2022

I have to wonder about your choice of concert dates. In this leg, you managed to start on May 28th, which is the day my Father (whom I consider a candidate for Jokerman, more later on that) died after a prolonged illness. I was heartbroken. I was planning to take my two younger children to visit him and my Mother in Flemington, NJ a few weeks later. My Father and I spoke by phone the weekend of the Kentucky Derby. But immediately after that he fell into a coma and never recovered…my life turned upside down at that point.

And today happens to be the day I lost my husband, Donner. I was at home when it happened. I’m so glad I was, as he died in my arms. But the shock of his unexpected passing was almost overwhelming for me. He was a session player back in the day. He played and recorded with Donovan, among many others…

I think you’re on the road with a “Family Album” too — with songs about my family and me. More about that later as well…

So either you are incredibly psychic or you have knowledge of these things…of course, it could be just another of those ‘amazing coincidences’, I suppose…

I sometimes wonder why you were angry enough at AJ to bash his head into the sidewalk on Elizabeth Street. Were you afraid he might find out something that you were concealing? If he had found anything connected to a family named “Dixon” or one named “McElwain” would that have ruined your plan?

Your setlist seems to be the same as on the earlier legs. And still no Murder Most Foul…why is that? Might that song have revealed a bit too much about things you still think can be concealed? Yes, I’ll write on that as well before long…

Just a heads-up on a reference you use in Black Rider…one of Paul’s nicknames for John was “Saint John”…

Ta…more later

The Nightingale…


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