A Star is Born…

It seemed too good to be true

A Jew

Overseeing a concentration camp of one

a child

a goy

such joy!

to even the score

and more…

to own an ancient, occult secret even the Nazis couldn’t unravel

he believed he held the key

he even thought he might rule the economy…

Bard Odum was his name

he quickly rose to fame

singing was just the cover for lawless activity

To persuade the masses that there would be no more gassings

now that the nightingale was held in captivity

And so he began to sing…

The kingdom of the night welcomes me

its fallen angel is my mentor and my guide

How did I get to be

so lucky?

A false this, a false that

help me find my black top hat!

to celebrate the new and improved elevation

of a simple Midwest crooner

seeking fame and fortune in the

Big Apple

I will make sure the world would never know

there was supposed to be

another Wolf, who was not, in fact

a he but a she…

She’ll eat ants

they’ll shave her head

and torture her on my behalf

until she’s dead

or so he said

but that was easier said than done

I’ll hunt her down

from New York to that ancient Scottish town

mimic every intention

block every dream

with every trip and stumble

I’ll utter a shrill scream

of delight

I will cry my victory into the night

Oh, how does it feel

to see me steal it all from you?

So you can see the real me

but what difference does it make?

there is nothing you can do

while I mock and mimic you across the airwaves

and tell my minions to do the same

watch me as I turn myself into

my own version of you


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