A Season of Justice…aka my emancipation proclamation…

Closer than any friend?

Or more like a heat-seeking missile…

I see you as you really are

How does it feel?

A hamlet nestled beside a winding river slow

a wooden bridge built long ago

a tavern where the mead is sweet

the nightingale playing down the street

Then flood and draught

blistering heat

fires and thunder

yellow haze of smoke

hot stuff wherever I go…

I even found a peace offering

a mere pittance it would have cost

for one of those God-fearing women

you can easily afford

You could change your way of thinking

Make yourself a whole new set of rules

Remember when you called upon the Son

and He answered with an embrace?

Why do you want to bring Richard back to life?

Can’t you just let us be?

Could you take those clammy hands off my family and me?

The toxic days are over

No private concentration camp to oversee

No vortex of the evil eye

to encircle me…

with sullen face and clenched jaw

gnashing of teeth as they lie in wait and then

attempt to strike

poison by increments…

No more…it’s over…

you’re not getting a free pass

I thought I suffered all alone

only to find that a stranger

known for being strange

was screaming and yelling about my plight

to the world

and asking me

‘how does it feeeel’…

Whatever is concealed

is being revealed

will everyone now see the real you?

One thing I wonder…could you be

a victim too?

Update August 5, 2021

It occurred to me that it might help to understand my reference to “Richard” by sharing this post…


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