And at the center of the vortex…

Updated June 1, 2021

It seems to me that the vortex of Night and Fog that surrounds the Zauberflote consists basically of two kinds of energy. First, there is the energy of shalom. This comes from the extraordinary gift having a connection with all the music Wolfgang Mozart composed, and also from the Zauberflote. But there is also an ill wind in the vortex — it is the energy of assassination and deceit, of hypocrisy and avarice, that stems from the murder of Mozart and the cover-up that has continued since then. The purpose of the cover-up has been to conceal this lawlessness, and to maintain what the perpetrators believe is the vampirizing of the shalom in the vortex and turning it into blood money for their uses. In that light, there may be a Bob Dylan myth being deliberately perpetrated in order for lawless behavior toward the Zauberflote and me to continue ‘undisturbed’…

In short, this is about nothing less than The Mozart G’zillions…

At the center of the vortex is the systematic poisoning of Mozart that I believe occurred during his lifetime and caused his early death. I think he was surrounded by those who had caused him to injest relatively small amounts of poison, and then stayed close to him, pretending to be ‘friends’ or in a few cases, family members. It also takes into account the sludge (my word) connected to the same thing having happened to me…

But that is no longer the case.

And, as a result, all the energy in the vortex is changing. The truth is coming out. The adversaries are being unmasked.

Bob Dylan appears to have chosen, or been roped into, to be positioned at the center of the cruel wind in the vortex. Some of his lyrics seem to mock my condition and even to call out to others to join him in doing so. It looks as though he received information from my birth family members that then made its way into some of his songs. There are other songs and places where Dylan references the name of a likely source — my sister, Angela.

Here is just one example from R+RW:

One somewhat pointed reference occurs in I Contain Multitudes…

Dylan says, I’m just like Anne Frank – like Indiana Jones

Is Dylan making an inference to his profiting off of what happened to me? Is he crowing about thinking he has been given ‘inside’ information all along about me? Having ‘control’ over the Zauberflote?

Whatever the case, any plans that may have been put into place are now being turned upside-down.

Dylan’s 2020 tours were canceled. He has not yet been able to perform any songs from R+RW…for example. The Grammys ignored R+RW. Was this the last straw to selling his catalogue?

But doesn’t Dylan like the truth? How often have we heard about that which is concealed being revealed?

Now perhaps we are observing an unmasking in real time…

This is starting to look like some kind of psy op. I would appreciate help from anyone who is interested in getting to the bottom of this…

And, of course, I would welcome hearing the truth from Dylan, who can contact me in the same way he did before…

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