The enemy I see…or what’s really going on in the vortex of Night and Fog…

Bob Dylan tells us with some wisdom in Slow Train Coming, that

The enemy I see wears a cloak of decency…

Indeed. In fact, if we saw the enemy we would probably not even realize it was dangerous. How can that be?

Well, Dylan also wisely tells us in Man of Peace

He could be standing next to you
The person that you’d notice least

Well, I happen to see this enemy from a slightly different perspective. Or is it? In the vortex of Night and Fog there is a fallen angel. It is a Leviathan — like the one Job had to face,the%20apocryphal%20Book%20of%20Enoch.

It appears as good and harmless, but it is a powerful snakelike force that creeps into your life, your feelings, your money and your faith. And then it begins to squeeze…

This fallen angel attacks those in the vortex. It tries to turn them into mincemeat. It tries to turn them into monsters like itself. It even pretends to be good, but it is lawless.

This is what Mozart faced…


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