Turnabout…(my own version of you)…

It didn’t start out that way

I don’t know what to say

sitting in a stone-walled study hall

in Edinburgh one day

I said to myself

that Shakespeare makes a lot of sense

But here’s this other guy

sarcastic and intense

Why aren’t we just as crazy about him?

Hilarious plays, masques even more fun

So down-to-earth

delightful with a pun

And so I fell headlong for Ben Jonson’s carnal charms

returned to study at Bucknell

and fell into his arms

(figuratively speaking, that is)

But the green volumes of

Hereford and Simpson, unfortunately

were all of him that was left to me

And so I wrote my treatise on his war

with hypocrisy

I focused on his outrage

instead of the death of Kennedy–

it was a safer place, and something I could also see

at the heart of my own fractured family

But today I awake to see

so much that was inside of me

out there on every human face

a mask covering their identity

And one who has already gone before

with Masked and Anonymous, and more…

By some weird alchemy has my dream

become reality,

and with such a man

as jubilantly sarcastic as he?

Trickster, Joker, Thief and Clown

Everywhere I turn around

our world is turned into a fantasy

of Jonson’s art for all of us to see…

Masked and Anonymous daily lives

Capitol riots, zipties and knives

Virtual inauguration

What’s next — our Super Bowl celebration!

A dream or a nightmare, does it matter?

Will we ever wake up from this dreadful chatter?

Does he have the answer too?

Does he even care about me and you?

A pandemic Frankenstein have I created

just because I matriculated?

I know that’s not exactly true

But it’s starting to feel like I’ve conjured up

My Own Version of You!


P.S. My thesis on Ben Jonson’s Anti-Puritanism…

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