Parsifal? — not…John Lennon, on the other hand…

Update December 23, 2022

Based on all the revelations of this year, it is becoming evident to me that I should keep an open mind to Bob’s having some sort of obsession with John Lennon…although much of it is behind the scenes, and we do not have visible documentation other than the lyrics of some of Bob’s ‘key’ songs, it only makes sense that if Bob has come after me with a kind of doxxing of some of these ‘key’ songs, designed to trigger his insiders (Dylinquents) to try to make trouble for me, he would do immensely more than that in regards to John, as John is also a part of the family of the opera The Magic Flute.

A very important part.

Tamino, in fact…

And, as we look at John’s life we can easily see a drama played out, to some significant extent, in the public eye. He was always searching…

I think he was even searching for things Bob was attempting to conceal from him…

I think he may have emotionally tortured John by hinting that he knew things about my family and me that John did not…

Update August 21, 2022

Probably not. In fact, most definitely, probably not. As Bob’s maneuverings behind-the-scenes come more to light with every leg of his last tour, it is becoming clear that he is not searching for anything. Instead, it looks like he is running around attempting to keep others from searching for something that is right in front of their eyes. And he’s using a family album to do this…with songs having insider tracking info involving members of the family. <sigh>…

Original post:

The holy grail he seeks

may be closer than any friend

But anger and doubt won’t let him in

only kindness and amends

He searches the whole world over

for something in his heart

Not the hateful part —

that’s from those fiery darts

Storming the temple

will not get him anywhere

Only a choice to be kind

and to care

The battle isn’t raging

it’s already been won

In the garden He died and rose

and chose

look to the Sun.

Update July 3, 2021

Based on the revelations coming out regarding Bob Dylan’s obtaining personal and tracking information about me without my knowledge which has ended up in his songs, I sincerely doubt that his quest is similar to that of Parsifal…

So, probably not…


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