Rough and Rowdy Ways cover photo used on a 2005 cd and a book cover…

We do have an idea now who the players are on these RARW songs, but do we know when and where they were recorded?  Will we have a run-down of their creative process?  I hope so…

Per this article, it looks like Chris Shaw was the engineer, and “Jack Frost” (Dylan) the producer…

The Multitude of Visions in Bob Dylan’s “Rough and Rowdy Ways”

Also see that this photo was used as a cover for one edition of Room at the Top

room at the top rarw photo

CD source is the RARW thread on Expecting Rain, the book cover from one of the FB Dylan groups…

One astute member of suggested that Dylan may have chosen the tones for the tinting for the photograph.  That, ironically, would be consistent with his apparent use of enhanced photographs in some of his paintings, most particularly, the Asia Series..

View at

This article seems to imply that the recording for RARW was done earlier this year…

A balanced and rueful article on RARW…I love the fact that this writer has given up trying to make sense of Dylan’s lyrics, or whatever…

FrankenBob: The Self-Made Dylan

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