My dear Mr. Dylan…

I have listened to your new song, Murder Most Foul, and have spent some time examining the lyrics.  I find them fascinating.  I am not wild about the music as it is too dirge-like for me at this time, and is, if I may say with all due respect, not as compelling as many of your other songs…

However, I find myself stuck in the mud over something — that after accepting the Tom Paine award in December, 1963, in which you said,

“I’ll stand up and to get uncompromisable about it, which I have to be to be honest, I just got to be, as I got to admit that the man who shot President Kennedy, Lee Oswald, I don’t know exactly where —what he thought he was doing, but I got to admit honestly that I too – I saw some of myself in him. I don’t think it would have gone – I don’t think it could go that far. But I got to stand up and say I saw things that he felt, in me – not to go that far and shoot. (Boos and hisses)”

Watch & Listen: Bob Dylan’s Infamous 1963 Tom Paine Award Speech


You have said nothing, zilch, nada, about JFK and the assassination until now.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am so amazed that you have spoken up now, I almost don’t want to ask.

But I must.

Because 57 years is a long time…


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